Regarding the prospects of humanitys peace and development, there is both expectation and concern

all sides are awaiting a clear Chinese stance.

All under heaven are one family.

As a responsible major country, China has something to say.

China will resolutely uphold the authority and status of the United Nations,

actively fulfill Chinas international obligations and duties,

remain firmly committed to Chinas pledges to tackle climate change,

actively push for the Belt and Road Initiative,

and always be a builder of world peace, contributor to global development and keeper of international order.

The Chinese people are ready to chart out a more prosperous, peaceful future for humanity, with people from other countries.

Comrades, friends, ladies and gentlemen,

Chinas great achievement of development was made by the people and for the people.

I am aware of the peoples biggest concerns,

such as education, employment, income, social security, healthcare, oldage security, housing and the environment.

Though progress has been made, issues of public concern remain.

Our efforts at improving peoples wellbeing have not always been satisfactory.

That is why we should strengthen our sense of responsibility,

and do a good job of ensuring the peoples wellbeing.

The Party committees, governments, and officials at all levels

must constantly hold in their hearts the interests and concerns of the people,

and regard the benefit of the people as their greatest political achievement

they must think for the people, respond to their needs,

and work for the greater happiness of the people.


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