Meet Lanmodo, the worlds first fourseason automatic car tent that offers allinone vehicle protection, portable power source and travel shelter.

Lanmodo offers yearround absolute protection for any vehicle.

At the same time, Lanmodo also a camping tent for outdoor life.

With only 30 seconds to setup and

8 seconds to open or close, its designed with you in mind.

One charge and youre ready to go for up to 45 days.

With cuttingedge 3 layer PU Silver coated technology,

Lanmodo protects from bird drops, dust, sap, acid rain

and is incredibly easy to clean

The reflective polyester film keeps your vehicle incredibly cool on hot days.

It even works well in low temperatures and protects your vehicle against snow or hail.

In snowy day, you can set up the automatic shaking snow system on the top of Lanmodo and no worries to clean snow anymore.

Weve included highstrength fiberglass and tough materials to protect your car from falling objects.

The fourseason tent is secured to the roof of the car with extrastrength suction cups.

Two layers canopy makes it more windproof

And the four wind ropes allows Lanmodo to withstand strong winds up to 30 mph.

Weve designed Lanmodo to be large enough to protect any car

And still pack down small enough to fit snugly in the trunk of your car.

Additional flaps transforms Lanmodo into various shelters for outdoor activities

Like a beach umbrella

A camping tent

And so much more

Weve even included a USB port for charging or powering your devices onthego.

Anywhere youre going, weve got you covered.


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