Xiangxiong Lin

A Contemporary Artist Setting Life for People

He is a multitalented contemporary artist, who has devoted all his life to fuse the artistic language and techniques of the East and the West. Ever since the 1970s, he had dedicated his artistic life to the exchange and communication of the East and the West, through artistic and cultural events. He also used his brush and pen to expose social evils, to stand up against wars, pollutions and poverties, and to uphold justice for the vulnerable groups.

In October, 1990, the 11th Asian Games were held in Beijing. The city became the spotlight of the world. Invited by China Ministry of Culture, and China International Culture Association, Xiangxiong Lin, a Singaporean Chinese painter, opened his individual touring exhibitions in cities including Beijing, Taiyuan and Xi’an during the Asian Games. All his paintings proved that he had never stopped fighting against evil and misfortune. His works were ensouled by his great compassion and character of unequivocal love and hatred. The exhibition became a national sensation. Chinese famous sculptor Liu Kaiqu, famous artist Wang Chaowen, and famous litterateur Xiao Qian, all spoke highly of his works

In 1994, Lin was again invited by the Ministry of Culture, and China International Culture Association, to hold exhibitions named “Nationality, Internationality”

in Beijing and Shanghai. After 19 years, in 2013, Lin was invited by the Ministry of Culture for the third time, to hold exhibitions in Beijing, Shaanxi and Henan. This exhibition selected 99 pieces of works painted by Lin between 1994 and 2013. They were divided into 4 series, “Exploring between Heaven and Earth”, “Exploring in Southeast Asia”, “A Sad World” and “Great Image Seems Formless”

In June, 2014, the “Fusion of East and West  The world tour exhibition of the contemporary and renowned artist Professor Xiangxiong Lin, invitational exhibition of PKU ”, was held at Peking University Hall and the library. Over 30 pieces of Lin’s recent representative works were displayed. Lin also became the first overseas painter to be employed as visiting professor by PKU. He was also invited to paint a large painting

named Hundred Trees for PKU.

From September 24th to October 15th, 2015, China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, The Peoples Government of Beijing Municipality, and China Artists Association, jointly held the 6th Beijing International Art Biennale at the National Art Museum of China. As the international curator of the Special Exhibition of Contemporary Art of Southeast Asia, Lin brought 29 pieces of works painted by Southeast Asian artists. The works reflected upon social reality and human life, embodied the spirit of the time and social formation, as well as philosophy and values of the East.

In 1971, Xiangxiong Lin went to Paris to learn painting. It exposed him to the essence

of Western art at an early age. In the following 60 years, he never stopped exploring,

trying to combine the East and the West in his works. In this City of Art, Lin realized his national identity, and found the meaning of his life. He defined how to be an artist, and which way to go.

In 2015, Xiangxiong Lin was invited by Mons 2015  European Capital of Culture, to hold a threemonth art exhibition at the Cazier Forest Museum. His paintings shocked the Western art world with their humanism themes of antiwar, antipollution, antipoverty. During those 3 months, when Lin’s art world exhibitionwas on display in Belgium, this Eastern artist, who was committed to bringing peace with art, entered in contemporary art and culture horizon, and received much attention from European artists, scholars and art lovers. So WallonieBruxelles International of Belgium strongly recommended them to UNESCO.

In May 2016, Xiangxiong Lin was invited to organize the exhibition Art for Peace, which is an international themed exhibition about the artistic conversation between the East and the West.

And he is also the curator. The exhibition was held in the headquarter of UNESCO in Paris, which was greatly supported and valued by the UNESCO. In his 22 piec


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