I have a dream,

That beauty will infiltrate our lives

Over the past 30 years

I carry this dream with me

And sow its seeds across the country

Seeds fall off and drive their roots deep into the soil

Sprout, blossom, and bear fruit, thus realizing the dream

Each fallen leaf is the natures message to us

So, lets learn to communicate with nature

Each raindrop represents a window for the sunshine through with the dream

So, lets learn to communicate with space

Each statue marks the history of human civilization

So, lets learn to communicate with time

Each landscape results from our communication with time, space, and nature

Its also our most passionate expression towards environment and life

Over the past 30 years

We have lit the flame of hope

We have never surrendered but continued with the extraordinary journeys of our dream

Spearheading this era

Positioned at a different altitude

On a different and existential realm

On a different stage

We excel ourselves for another odyssey

And allow our dream in soar


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