Today In the global rapid development today, the social division continues to mature, the market competition is not only competition but the whole industry chain competition at the same time, along with the unceasing increase of Internet use, use the Internet to get live information has become a necessary way of peoples life. The new technology and entrepreneurship revolution is booming. Internet finance has become the only way for the development of the world economy. The development of the Internet has kept people fresh for a long time. Audiences will not be tired of Internet finance, because the industry is constantly innovating, focusing on user experience, creating convenience for users through various modes, and bringing unlimited development space to numerous chips. In addition, the enterprise innovation incentive system has changed the concept of venture capital, and every entrepreneur has the possibility of realizing wealth freedom, so that all participants can become owners. At the same time, with the rapid development of the Internet and the popularity of "Internet plus" action plan, with big data and cloud computing new technology block chain combination. Gradually permeates all aspects of life, and the novel incentive mechanism will completely change the way of human life. Global change, go forward with great strength and vigour, crossborder Internet is represent the general trend. Do you want to be a spectator in the future Or would you like to be the creator of the future Of one heart and one mind, the top of the world In the process of the great transformation of the world economy and the strong transformation of the world economy,

ACS Sheng Mei international flow, set sail.

ACS Sheng Mei international was founded in 2011, the company headquarters is located in the United States, the economic center of San Francisco District, is the predecessor of mining enterprise specialized in nonferrous metal mining investment and operation of the large land reserve in San Francisco, relying on the advantages of local resources in the mining industry capital accumulation and mining industry resource integration, asset support professional, based, winwin situation for the concept, provides a good foundation for the companys financial sector, with its own industry for the protection, the establishment of branch offices in Seattle, Dallas, to build their own professional escort fleet in asset management and financial investment,

The company constantly optimize the industrial resources, accelerate industrial upgrading, change the concept of development, innovation and development pattern, improve the quality of development, the Internet as a collaborative general strategy for the development of the two wings, in order to build Internet finance, fans economy industry mainly grafted, financial investment, education and training, tourism, transport and logistics, online shopping mall, block chain technology sector as the important part of the diversified industrial layout, has a "create wealth, create value for society, winwin" corporate mission, adhere to the "peopleoriented" core value, and comprehensively promote the science and technology enterprises, talent strategy, efforts to promote sustained, rapid and healthy development of the group, in order to achieve common prosperity and future "the corporate vision, the next one to two years, ACS will launch a full automatic block chain link and application technology, application independent of all industries So, more easily, more closely in line with the global economic system, ACS block chain application technology is a versatile business solutions, ACS continue to provide highquality services beyond investors, but also focus on demand strategy and planning of enterprise, to create a high level of service and economic value, we will strive to continue the for the ACS block chain application technology maintenance and upgrade, enhance the awareness of business and the interests of investors, represent the general trend, the trend of the world, new technology, a new technology revolution is booming, the Internet financial chain ang blocks has become the only way which must be passed for economic development, with the rapid development of the Internet, the popularity of the changing times, changed the past the concept of investment, namely the owner participants

In the face of 2018, we are full of vision and passion. Our minds are always unchanged, always guided by needs, adhering to the business philosophy of success, professionalism, innovation and growth, pioneering and innovating and making progress, and 2018, because of you Curtain dress, beautiful future


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