CIFF, a Preferred Platform for Product Launch &Trade To Give Leverage for Boosting Success

The 41st

CIFF, a Biannual Event for 21 Years

1.15 million-square-meter exhibition

With a total annual scale of 1.15 million square meters

Hosts 6,122 brands

CIFF annually hosts 6,122 brands from all over the world

Brings together more than 90% of exhibitors to launch their new products

Attracts a total of 290,000 professional visitors

1100 domestic and overseas media giving exposure of 270 million times

What are the values and forces behind the 6 groups of numbers?

Comprehensive, to Explore Freely

A Collection of Diversified and Comprehensive Sectors

New, to Set theTrend of Industry

Sharing New Product Launch Experience

Commercial, to Embrace Enormous Business Opportunities

The First Choice for Omni-channel Business Opportunities

Popular, to Gather Industry Experts

Worldwide Targeted and Professional Promotion

Q: Do you care about “Comprehensiveness”?

A: So what?

You can embrace more hope and have a broader prospective...

An All-in-one Exhibition to Expand Opportunities for Success

CIFF (Guangzhou/Shanghai) is known as“the weatherglass of China’s furniture industry”. Over two decades of innovation and development, CIFF has always followed the principle of prioritizing exhibitors and visitors in the pursuit of creating better life and better work for all. It has developed into a world-class integrated and interactive trading platform for fashion display, channel maintenance, industry gathering and trade transactions. It connects the upstream and downstream furniture industries and covers home furniture, homedecor&hometextile, outdoor furniture, office furniture, commercial furniture, hotel furniture and furniture machinery & raw materials. CIFF takes place biannually in spring and autumn, with a total scale of 750,000 square meters for CIFF (Guangzhou) and 400,000 square meters for CIFF (Shanghai). Totaling 1.15 million square meters. CIFF radiates into the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta, the two most dynamic commercial centers in China. Discover your business opportunity here!

Big OpportunitiesCreatesBroader Space for Success

Q: Do you favor “high end”?

A: So what?

Whatever you choose cannot be wrong...

China’s “Commercial Silicon Valley” to Elevate Your Development Perspectives

CIFF fully optimizes the theme layout and bridges both the domestic and international markets. It not only has powerful trading function but also sets the trend of the industry, featured by innovative products, spacious booths, favorable environment and business-friendly atmosphere. The booths of industry giants and world-famous furniture brands scatter around CIFF. More than 90% of exhibitors choose to launch their new products here! In CIFF, you can see stylish furniture, cutting-edge technology and new materials, penetrate into the forefront of the industry development as well as participate in brilliant themed shows and specialized forums. You can get close contact with the forward-looking entrepreneurs, designers, media and other industry elites at home and abroad. You will be impressed by their outstanding achievements and the wisdom of new concepts, new models and new development. CIFF gives you an unprecedented perspective as well as a new direction for your design, R&D, manufacturing, procurement and operation.

High EndGives Perfect Choice to Capture Opportunities

Q: Do you like “more”?

A: So what?

You can occupy the entire forest instead of guarding a single tree...

Professionals & Strong Brands to Transform Cooperation into Opportunities

The biannually CIFF brings together more than 4,100 and 2,000 leading brands in spring and autumn respectively. It hosts a total of more than 280,000 professional visitors from over 200 countries and regions. As a preferred and required trading platform, CIFF is the flagship among China’s home furnishing exhibitions! Here you can choose the best of the best and find more suitable partners from excellent resources...

「High Exposure」Never Makes You Return Empty-handed

Q: Do you want “exposure”?

A: So what?

You will be chased, recognized and trusted without hesitation.

Global Communication to Enhance Brand Popularity

Over the years, from the leading furniture fairs in the United States, Germany and Italy to the home furnishing markets in the Middle East, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia, the image of CIFF can be found all over the world. CIFF has a large and high quality media friend circle. Such as Baidu, Sina, Netease, Tencent, Sohu,, id+c, Furniture & Interior Design, Google, Facebook, Furniture Today, Mobelmarkt ,Commercial Interior Design and so on, more than 1,100 domestic and overseas mainstream media makes concerted efforts to report the highlights of CIFF. Exhibitors receive high exposure and achieve a total reading volume of 270 million times through media coverage.

CIFF’s multi-dimensional marketing tools including its WeChat account with tens of thousands of professional followers, Mobile + PC official websites and a large visitor database of millions of data. CIFF pushes the exhibitor information to target buyers and each session attracts a reading volume of millions.

「Massive Exposure」Helps Draw Attention for Domestic and International Business

A Platform to Tap Opportunities for Your Business

And Give Leverage for Boosting Your Success!

CIFF·First Choice for Product Launch &Trade


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