Walking, chasing and singing.  The puppy and kitty are having a good day.

And they are eager to sing with their little friends

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Touch their head or butt, they will be very happy, walk around, sit down or stand up.

Keep pressing the kitty’s head and kids can start the spoken time too. Talk to the kitty and she will repeat when we said.

Also we can switch to different learning mode and let the kids enjoy a happy time. Singing and dancing with these cute puppies and kitties together.

Lift up the kitty’s tail, and she will make funny sounds like these, acting like a real kitty. Is it so cute?

Now come and take your own defa(中文读:得发)pet toy.

Do you want a pig that can make sounds and help kids save money?

Gently touch its nose; it will make funny sounds like these too. Is it so cute?

Now Put the money in it and let kids learn the value of money which they can’t learn from school.

Also they can enter the password by recognizing different numbers. Learning while they are having fun at the same time.

There’s a fingerprint recognition sensor in it, so little kids can use their little figure  to open the bank and see how much money they have saved.

They can also set the password to lock and unlock it.

This cute pig can play music too, so kids can enjoy the lovely music when they have fun.

Checking, counting and playing.  defa(中文读:得发) piggy coin box gives kids a happy day.


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