The boundless journey starts from here.

In 1972, in the port city of east China, Ningbo, Jinpin Electronics started business from producing satellite television parts, raising the curtain.

In 1992, the company marched into the auto parts industry and reached the transformation and upgrading.

In 2007, Ningbo V-shine Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was established and advanced with Jinpin Electronics shoulder to shoulder on a new journey.

显微镜, 驱动桥,市场竞争, 汽车零部件,卫星电视, 测试仪,光谱仪

For over 40 years, we have learned knowledge broadly and spurred with profound accumulation.  With the burgeoning rise of “Made in China”, today, Ningbo V-shine as a professional, keep learning and innovative enterprise, has been committed to the R&D, production and sales of constant-speed driving axle assemblies, auto horizontal stabilizer bar assemblies, constant-speed driving axle dust proof covers, etc.  The company covers a floor area of over 26.35 acres with 650 staffs, and its annual output reaches 5 million sets of assemblies.  Regardless of domestic and foreign fierce markets’ competitions, the company’s output value still keeps increasing rapidly, turnover reached 860 million RMB in 2017, and 820 million RMB in 2018. Fixed assets amounted to 300 million  Meanwhile V-shine has two famous brands, V-shine and Jinpin.

This is a technical-innovation-driven company.

Ningbo V-shine has firstly set up the engineering technical center and driveshaft state-level professional inspection center.

The company has purchased international leading equipments from Germany, like KUKA, ERMAC, Ipsen(意普森), ABB robot heat-treatment, etc.  Regarding to test equipments, it has constant-speed driving axle comprehensive performance test bed, seal cover high-low temperature durability test table, periodic cycle life test table, electro-hydraulic servo dynamic-static torsion fatigue test table, static torsion tester, spectrometer, German ZEISS CMM, metallurgical microscope, Wilson profile and roughness tester, damping block vibration frequency tester, and up to over 30 advanced inspection devices.  To further satisfy customers’ NVH requirements for the whole vehicle, in August 2019, the company purchased experimental equipments for high-frequency slippage resistance and derived axial force.  Meanwhile, based on the finite-element analytic technique, the company took stress analysis to all parts which promoted products’ precision.

Science and technology centers on people.  Ningbo V-shine has over 20-years’ experiences in driveshaft R&D and design.  The company’s 55-member technical R&D team has two 2 engineers, 8 product engineers and 12 process engineers.   With investment of over 5% of sales volume into R&D each year, by 2018, the company has successfully developed over 3,000 kinds of joints in total, including BJ type, TJ type, DOJ type, VL type, AAR type, etc, and double-BJ glide axle assembly, TJ+BJ assembly, hollow pipe assembly, etc.  Besides, the company cooperates with Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, and other universities to establish production-university-research collaboration system, integrate internal and external resources, unremittingly keeps pace with the industrial model enterprises, boosts the stable and healthy development in technology, and provides customers with tailor-made driving axle solutions.  The company has developed over 2,000 kinds of products, and gained over 90 patents in total.

Ningbo V-shine vigorously promotes the transformation from the labor-intensive enterprise into the automatic-intelligent one, and comprehensively implements the mechanization project.  Currently, the company has been equipped with 30 sets of  i


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