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In today’s demanding world of Medical technology, we are constantly striving for improved accuracy and efficiency in new products. Due to their ability to meet and indeed exceed this demand, Chinese brands of Endoscopic diagnostic equipment have been increasing their market share both at home and abroad. This new developing industry covers the full range of Product categories and continues to expand.

Jiangsu Vedkang Medical Science and Technology Co Ltd, specialise in quality research and development, manufacture and sales of Endoscopy accessories and are based in Wujin District, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. The entire plant covers an area of 11400sqm, incorporating a 5500sqm workshop with a class 100 clean room facility, plus advanced production and inspection equipment all contributing to consistently high quality manufacture.


Based on 15 years experience, Vedkang is committed to meeting the market demand for continued innovation. Working closely with specialist clinical doctors, it has established a highly efficient medical engineering translation system and invested in separate departments for medicine translation, new product R&D and process technology to control the whole process from initial stages of new product design through sample out, debugging and finally batch production, all overseen by a team of highly experienced Vedkang staff. (30 + senior technical engineers and technologists, x 2 state endorsed medical R&D centres, 60 + different product patents and ongoing collaboration with 100+ hospitals)

In the last 10 years Vedkang has overcome a number of technical barriers to maintain continued product performance in response to market demands. Our ERCP instrument range is a leader in this specialist field, in particular the Hyrophilic zebra guidewire ranks top amongst domestic competitors. Since the development of the first non-vasodilating balloon, Vedkang has continued to work towards their Dilation balloons being recognised worldwide; the disposable Polyp Snare (due to significant OEM capabilities, both the diameter of the snare and thickness of the wire can to customised to individual doctors surgical requirements), the disposable endoscopy injection needle (a unique three section design guarantees sharper performance of this device); disposable hemoclip (offering reliable rotation performance even when the endoscope is bent) and other products in this range have shown to be superior to similar devices on the market.

Vedkang has introduced a higher level of Quality Control than is required as standard. No product will be released from the factory if a fault is detected in any of the steps in the production process. From raw materials, through production, end work steps, to EO residual inspection, ensuring consistent quality control throughout. This focus on high quality control ensures we retain both our customers trust in our product range and that we maintain our position in a highly competitive market. (System certification ISO13485, KGMP, MDSAP)

Looking worldwide, Vedkang is justifiably proud of its international reach (300+ domestic distributers, 5000+ co-operative hospitals, products sold in 72 countries and 130+agents) Today Vedkang has a global footprint (Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Oceania)to support doctors and clinicians solve the difficulties encountered in surgery and innovate new surgical methods. It is continuously striving to maintain and improve human health.

Inside Vedkang we aim to foster an atmosphere of unity and personal aspiration, a place where passionate individuals can reach their goals. Vedkang adheres to the concept of ‘Innovation for easier surgery’, we have built up a first class team and established a brand that doctors trust, we are a company that our staff feel justifiably proud of.




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